Avideep Mukherjee

Avideep Mukherjee


“Supriyo Sir is one of the best teachers who has ever taught me. He made me fall in love with mathematics, he made me see the beauty that lies within it. It is only because of him that I confidently chose an academically mathematical career. He knows exactly what a student is thinking and drops down at his/her level to make him see the concepts clearly.”

“With solid concepts and interesting ways to keep students motivated and super glued towards their studies, Supriyo Sir is everything a student could wish for in a teacher. Knowing him for the past 8 years, I have had innumerable academic issues which he solved readily. The best part about him is his availability and dedication towards his students. I am proud to be his student and I would highly recommend him to students who want to reach the zenith of success.”

Subhechha Roy


Shusree Mukherjee


“Supriyo sir was not my math teacher but he’s my mentor and life coach for sure. He has seen extreme struggles in life and that has made him an inspiration for me. I look forward to everything he says and teaches because he is a man of value and knowledge. Anybody coming in contact with him for work and learning will surely have lots to take back.”

“I’d always loved maths, and I looked forward to the huge leap from class X to class XI-XII maths, not to mention more advanced techniques for JEE and the like. But that doesn’t always translate to having fun. I got the privilege of getting to know Supriyo sir right when the grind was getting to me. Not only did he remember and walked me through parts I struggled with, he did it for every student he taught. It wasn’t just about taking classes for him, I remember him enjoying the fact that I could solve a matrix or probability problem after getting a thorough explanation about it. He kept challenging whatever I knew till then and got me interested in upping the difficulty till I could solve any problem thrown at me. Well, almost all of them! It’s been 8 years since then, the very fact that I remember one of his explanations vividly even now is a testimonial to the professor I still remember, and since this will enable Sir to teach the best way he knows, I think this venture will be a success as well! Signing off from Tokyo, this is Anish!”

Anish Kundu


Subhadeep Chakraborty


“Supriyo Sir has been a real inspiration for me since the days of my schooling. I still remember the day when I saw him performing live with a guitar with such passion and again the same man in the classroom with so poise and grace giving lectures on mathematics. Might be because, I have been fond of music since my days of childhood and till date those words are with me.

After school, graduation happened and post that while I started working for an MNC at Bangalore, I remain connected with him. He is the most coolest and humble person to reach out to at times of despair, who will make you understand the importance of reality in a straight face and not being diplomat. I have been really luck to get a true mentor like him.”

“I have prepared for JEE in classes 11-12, under Supriyo Sir’s able guidance. Sir presents concepts in an extremely lucid manner, while simultaneously discussing related problems of all difficulty levels. After a concept is taught by Sir, one can easily take up a related Mathematics problem and solve it with ease and full confidence. If there are doubts, Sir is always reachable and clears confusion in the student’s own way.”

Dedeepyo Ray


Arunava Das


“Supriyo Sir is one of the best teachers I’ve ever been under the guidance of in my high school years. He brings really creative methods to visualize and understand every idea the subject has to offer, and his explanations are lucid and easy to understand for everyone.”

“Supriyo Sir is truly an amazing teacher and always inspires his students to achieve their dreams. His unique style of teaching simplifies every concept and provides a deeper understanding of the subject in a fun manner.”

Ranajay Medya


Arusarka Bose


“I had the privilege of being under Supriyo Sir’s guidance during my class 12. Maths was my weakest subject among the three and having studied nothing throughout my class 11, I was banking on that one year for an IIT seat. Supriyo sir’s profound knowledge of mathematics and his lucid way of explaining even the most intricate concepts helped me kindle a novel interest in mathematics. The notes shared by him and the worksheets given encompassed the various types of possible JEE problems and didn’t necessitate the reference of any additional study material ever. Throughout my preparation years, I never came across any man who had such a gargantuan knowledge of the subject far beyond JEE level, and also wielded the ability to explain any topic from the very basics. More than a teacher, Supriyo Sir was a mentor for our whole batch, a fantastic orator, and our ideological guide. Sir helped us develop a mentality for JEE which eventually made the difference in the ranks. I feel that under no one else could I have been able to do the very preparation within a span of 12 months which thousands take years to accomplish. I am grateful to sir for whatever I have achieved, having no previous background in competitive exams till my 11th standard. I believe that anyone lucky enough to receive his guidance would be able to reap success.”

“I have been a student of Supriyo sir for three consecutive years. To put it simply, his methods are unconventional. Sir would teach Mathematics in a manner that would keep us engaged throughout. There was no drudgery in learning the subject under his guidance, he made an effort to make it as simple as possible to understand. Each student got plenty of personal attention, Sir ensured that he gave his best while teaching us. Perhaps one thing that will always stand out is how Sir motivated us with his talks; his words showed that this was a man who really was passionate about teaching. There is no doubt that there is a lot of things to study if you want to crack competitive examinations, it helps immensely if you have someone like Supriyo sir to guide you.”

Aritra Guru


Koustav Chowdhury


“Supriyo Sir has an excellent grasp on the concepts and can explain the nuances of the subject in a very comprehensive manner. He constantly motivates a student to excel and gives his utmost time and dedication towards the cause. He is very friendly as well, which further aids in explaining the intricacies of the subject in a very lucid manner.”

“Perhaps the most precious things a curious yet directionless teenager, aspiring to ace at competitive exams, may expect from a teacher are individual attention and the role of a counselor. And this is a major reason Supriyo Sir has earned respect from hundreds of students he has taught, including me. A discipline as abstract as Mathematics demands immense patience and crystal-clarity of concepts on the part of the teacher and needless to say, Supriyo Sir is one of the rare persons who can convey even the maziests of mathematical ideas quite effortlessly. Not only is he a lucid explanator and a systematist and pragmatist educator, but also an academic caregiver with unmatchable warmth and approachability.”

Ayan Biswas


Sneha Banerjee

B.TECH., CSE, CU (2017-2021)

“Supriyo Sir was my maths teacher during the class 11-12 days. Maths was always one of my favourite subjects ever since I was a child. But with the advancement of JEE problems creeping in, it was not always fun to do. That is when he came up with exactly what was needed. From lucid explanations, to lively interactions, to lengthy hours of doubt clearing sessions,( and the inevitable scoldings) he had it all. He kept us motivated enough to not give up even on the tougher ones.A true mentor indeed. This testimonial is just a mere chunk of gratitude for all the help and guidance I have received which I never actually stopped by to express.”

“I had studied under the guidance of Supriyo Sir in class 11-12. Supriyo Sir has this innate ability to simplify the most complicated concepts and present it to his students in the simplest form imaginable. It was because of this, that I was able to understand the most difficult parts of Integration and Trigonometry and reached wherever I am right now. I will forever be grateful to him for his guidance and support.”

Sayanti Bhattacharjee


Sneha Saha

B.TECH., CSE, TECHNO MAIN, 2017-2021

“I was his student in my 11th and 12th standard and can definitely say that he is the best teacher I have had till date. His teaching skills are exceptional. I ended up loving Maths after how interesting he made the subject to me. Also, beyond being just a subject teacher, he had always been a motivator. His little Ted talks every other class works wonders. They make sure his students remain practical, motivated and focused throughout.”

“Supriyo Sir simplifies the concepts and teaches it, his knowledge is exemplary and he makes all the lessons interesting! Moreover, he is always ready to solve doubts and modifies his techniques as per the student’s requirements.”

Ahina Sinha

B.E., ARCHITECTURE, JU, 2018-2022

Sunidhi Dhandhania

B.TECH. CSE, IIT KANPUR, 2018-2022

“Supriyo Sir is an amazingly talented professor who always motivates his students towards their goals. He taught me JEE maths in 2016-18! My maths concepts grew and maths became my plus point under his guidance 😀 “

“Calling out “Supriyo Sir”,
as lucid as this may sound now, wasn’t really few years back.
It was late in 2016 ,I was seated in a class of 60 of a reputed educational institution and we all were waiting keenly ,for the mathematics faculty to walk in ,for it was the first day there.
Constant speculation, random murmuring,the fluttering inquisitiveness was all in the air. Suddenly, there walked in this man gently latching the door behind ,and directly stood up the dias. Standing up straight,he was nothing but oozing out confidence and optimism looking out into,each and every pair of eyes out there.
That was the first impression- intimating and a “wow” with it!
He started teaching thereafter and his classes were addictive, those two hours passed away, by the blink of an eye.
He was precariously conscious and concerned about every student in the class.
He physically used to solve every question he assigned us to do and that probably formed the basis of his profound knowledge, exemplary skills and expertise over the subject.
Phenomenal as he was in teaching,he occasionally used to share memoirs from his life which were ,again extremely inspiring.
There were times when he even used to crack out subtle jokes to break off that classroom monotony.
He was an all in one mentor, who had the capacity to absorb all your emotional blues and instill confidence randomly into any person on earth.
Knowing and getting to interact with him was a bliss.
I honestly believe, he is of one kind, standing out distinctly from the crowd and if you have him by your side,there is lot you have already gotten with you.”

Arunima Dastidar

ECE,VIT, 2018-2022

Soumili Pani


“The Professor, who made a tough subject like Maths easier , I owe my success to him. He is ever ready to solve whatever doubts we had, the words “out of syllabus” doesn’t exist in his dictionary. He simplifies and goes through each minute concepts before the rigorous problem solving sessions. He always kept us motivated to do our best and be better each day. Class 11 and 12 were probably the best years for me as I got to understand the beauty of this subject under Supriyo Sir’s guidance.”

“Supriyo Sir is a very trustworthy and promising teacher as he not only teaches every concept ensuring that it’s totally clear to each and every student, but also he does something extra… which is very much required now a days, i.e. Motivation! He keeps motivating the students constantly and so is always like a friend to us, and is always approachable for silliest of our doubts. Apart from these, he keeps a check of one’s progress with regular problem solving classes.”

Raushan Sharma


Shibasis Nag

MBBS, IMS-BHU (AIIMS), 2018-23

“I have always been afraid of Maths my entire life, but it somewhat changed under the guidance of a few teachers like Supriyo Sir who made me believe it is not a misunderstood drudgery but a knowledge which gives others meaning. He would present it in a friendly, humorous yet with clear base which is the balance we need, and the most I would praise is his constant motivating speeches for virtue of hard work and excellence which even brightened my path to success in NEET along with IIT, Boards, even if you started off as a self doubting loser or a topper determined to turn the tables, he would be your support.”

“I was taught Mathematics by Supriyo Sir in preparation for JEE. Sir’s unconventional methods of explaining the subject, as well as his unique way of making even the toughest concepts lucid and simple, helped us immensely. He also guided us on how to approach difficult problems in a variety of ways. Additionally, his use of several resources from different books and papers was instrumental to our preparations for all the entrance exams. Moreover, Sir is not only a great tutor but also a great mentor and always encouraged us to contact him if we were facing any problems whatsoever. I feel privileged to have been taught Mathematics by Supriyo Sir.”

Mitranjan Khan


Anshuman Sinha


“Sir, Mr. Banerjee, is a tutor who goes above and beyond to ensure that all of his students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class. His vast knowledge of the world of academics, apart from sheer mastery in his own field, is sure to leave a positive impact on his students. He never hesitates to give additional resources, takes regular feedback from his students and has always treated us equally. He works seamlessly to bring all of his students up to a minimum par and seeing him go the extra mile for a particular student is what would motivate any student and makes him a unique teacher. It has been an honour to have been mentored by him.”

“Supriyo sir’s method of teaching is great. He explains the minute details and the concepts of the topic through rigorous problem solving starting with fundamental problems and then moving on to complex problems thus making the subject matter easier. He makes the subject matter interesting. He is extremely hard-working and constantly motivates his students towards their goal. His hard-working and professional attitude inspires students like us to give our best.”

Pathikrit Saha


Ayan Chakraborty


“Supriyo Sir is a great teacher who inspires confidence in his students and takes care of each student individually. Needless to say, Supriyo Sir has the ability to make the fundamentals clear and strong in any topic. Sir also gives innumerable problems to solve and helps to clear the doubts which arise due to solving them. Sir also perfectly balances serious study with some light-hearted fun which makes the whole learning process enjoyable. Recommended to anyone looking to gain a mastery in the subject of Maths.”

“When it comes to mathematics, he is the person who will be going through the grass root level of a concept. If you pay good attention to his classes you will clearly have no problem understanding the basics … Well now when the basics have adequate clarity no one can stop u from being a Maestro!”

Suhrid Das


Agnibh Pathak


“”Life Eventually Settles”, till now this phrase rings in my ear whenever I stand in a situation where I can’t see the other side of the dark tunnel.
I was fortunate enough to seek Supriyo Sir’s guidance at a very vital time of my life.
The precise way with which he used to teach us is beyond imagination. He is a very strong reason behind my love for mathematics. Not just a teacher, he was my mentor and a life coach.
The way he encouraged his students has no comparison. I still remember in each lecture he used to give us a seperate 15-20 minutes, to boost the fire within us.
Anybody who comes under his guidance even for a day will have lots to take back.”

“Supriyo sir. Rather Professor Rio used to take my classes back when i was preparing for my competitive and all stressful situations used to tear me apart and i would be stunned in both exams and in life.
But sir used to say, “Life eventually settles, you work harder to settle it faster”and so i understood. The fact that he was more than just any other math teacher was he insisted you to not just learn for a test, not just to understand but to get involved in the topic.
In class those motivational sessions were game changing.
All i could say is Thank you Sir.”

Sourasish Das


Shreya Biswas


“Supriyo sir taught me mathematics in class eleven. Thank you doesn’t adequately express my gratitude for what the class was when he taught us. He explained all the minute details and conducted doubt clearing sessions regularly. He has a very positive attitude towards the students and gave each one of us his personal attention. His teaching way is quite unique and makes complicated stuffs simpler. In case you wanna crack competitive exams or gain a deep understanding of maths as a subject, you need someone like him.”

“I’ve never been able to identify myself with those who perceive with exclamation, that Maths is much frightening than any other paranormal entity. The subject has been my ultimate stress-buster and a significant amount of the credit goes exclusively to Supriyo Sir. In the three years I’d been guided by him on the subject, Sir had, with his adroitness, shaped it in our minds in the guise of a field of study we could own up to. Even the most difficult concepts, gained clearance in his classes. To add to it, like all great teachers, his classes also constituted of moral sessions, that put forward a plethora of ideas and perspectives. In retrospect, those lively couple of hours are truly something I’m reminiscent of.”

Pritha Mukherjee


Archisha Dutta

MBBS, JIPMER, 2018-2023

“Supriyo Sir is among the best teachers and mathematicians who I had the fortune to get as a mentor. He is extremely approachable when it comes to queries regarding academics and otherwise..and he always motivates you towards your goals! His sense of humor is an added bonus..and no class is ever dull or boring!”

“A knowledgeable person with a very good grasp on the different topics of Maths, Supriyo Sir is the best teacher I have seen so far. He makes the subject interesting to the students and helps them imbibe the concepts well”

Srestha Kanjilal

B.E., CSE, JU, 2018-2022

Anwika Das

MBBS, AIIMS PATNA, 2018-2023

“Supriyo Sir is one of the best mathematics teacher I have come across during my prep for the JEE. Apart from being versatile with his techniques, he has the unique skill of critical problem solving, using not just one but numerous methods altogether. Thus he gives not only the fastest way but also opens the students’ eyes to numerous dimensions concerning the problem. He is unmatched when it comes to allotting a student individual time whether to solve doubts or to continuously motivate the student to the final goal while reassuring him/her of his ability. Finally, as I have been fortunate enough to have had live classes with him I am assured that he considers the ‘ideology’ of segregating students on the basis of their assumed potential downright blasphemous. So not one student shall feel neglected in his presence, which I feel is an essential part of enabling the student to crack a nerve-wracking examination like the JEE while hand in hand with his/her guru.”

“Supriyo Sir is undoubtedly one of the best professors of Mathematics, under whose guidance I had the privilege to prepare myself for JEE. Although deep down I always had a love for Mathematics, but JEE Math always used to intimidate me. Never had enough confidence in myself that I could pull through this subject. But fortunately I was blessed with the finest of Mathematics teachers throughout my life, one of them being Supriyo Sir. Supriyo Sir kept motivating us all towards our goal, he never lost faith in our abilities and potential even when we did. He did everything possible to give us a complete insight of the beautiful concepts of mathematics and succeeded in doing so. I believe if any student, dedicated enough to achieve their goals, gets an opportunity to learn from him…they could surely get success in their endeavor under Sir’s guidance and mentorship.”

Agneyee Nandy


Indranil Mandal

B.TECH, C.S.E. IIT KANPUR. 2018-2022

“Excellent mentor who goes above and beyond to ensure that all his students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class. Supriyo sir never hesitated to give additional resources and feedback to his students and treated all of us equally. His enthusiasm in the field of Mathematics has definitely rubbed off on his students and I can say that as I have had the opportunity to be mentored by him. Supriyo sir always made it a point that how many talents you have it always boils down to the equation of hard work. That motivated me a lot as I thought that I had started off late for JEE preparations but he always believed in me and said that 2 years of hard work is enough. Any areas that might be confusing or lacking in detail, whether it was in assignments or core concepts in class he made sure that every student in his class got it. He regularly gave us assignments and checked them per student basis. Tests such as the Rank Enhancement Tests were conducted completely on his behalf. It gave us more exposure to the type of problems faced in JEE Advanced. He always reminded us that there can be multiple ways to find a solution and encouraged us to think of them. Ultimately, I really enjoyed his talks on life and how we should deal with situations that we will be faced with in the future. All I can say is that he is UNIQUE and I am grateful I got to meet with him.”

“Supriyo sir was by far, one of the best mathematics teachers I’ve ever had. Until class 11, I’d always hear teachers preach the fact that a problem could be solved in various ways, but when it came to examinations, or even teaching, they’d stick to a particular method. Supriyo sir on the other hand, conveyed the beauty of mathematics in such a way that anyone and everyone could understand. Even though my journey with him was for the purpose of JEE training, which itself had a very objective view of mathematics, Supriyo sir succeeded in teaching tips and tricks for JEE, all the while enhancing our love for mathematics as a subject. I could not have asked for a better teacher.”

Sebontika Bose


Akanksha Sinha


“Supriyo sir is one of the best teacher I ever had. He always supports mentally and academically whenever required. His ability to make students understand the topic to the deepest is great. And the best part, being an artist along with a teacher he always taught us with full dedication and enjoyment. I have been lucky to have a mentor like him.”

“I was extremely worried about JEE Maths, and I was constantly scoring poor marks in it. But it was completely changed under the guidance of Supriyo Sir. He motivated me a hell lot and was always there to help and support personally. I frequently went to him taking my numerous doubts and he not only solved them patiently but also cleared the whole concept regarding the corresponding topics which ultimately boosted up my confidence level in the subject. He was very friendly and humorous which allowed me to open up and share all the problems that I was facing during my JEE days. He also encouraged me to keep up my passion for dance alive and getting inspired by his youtube channel, I also created my own Dance Youtube Channel. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to make me a better person as a whole.”

Nikhil Agarwal


Arpita Kumari

B.TECH, I.T., IIEST, SHIBPUR, 2018-2022

“I was a part of Supriyo Sir’s classes for mathematics in class 12. He is undoubtedly the best maths teacher I have come across. His teaching method was unique and adaptable, and students of every merit could easily grasp them. Above all, he always used to motivate us towards our goals. He always used to say “Make yourself your competitor, then only you will be ready to crack JEE”. Sir was always approachable and ready to help us with our doubts. He also helped me a lot during the counselling of JOSAA. During the last few months of our JEE preparation, he organised a various test series for all of us studying in the center so that we get an ample amount of competitive practise. And the best part of sir was that he was always punctual and also ensured that his students also remained punctual.”

“Supriyo sir was my maths teacher during my 11th and 12th. He teaches every concept in a very simple manner. Most importantly he clears all doubts according to the student’s level of understanding. His classes are always super interesting and fun to attend. He always keeps his students motivated and pays equal attention to each and every student. He is truly an amazing teacher!”

Suryashmi Sengupta


Shweta Bankura


“Supriyo Sir has been a real inspiration for me since I joined his classes in 11th. He used to share his stories of how he still continues to do everything he loves, be it music or mathematics. And I remember the day when he said, “Find your passion and follow your dreams”… and that was the moment when everything was clear in front of me- my real interest.

Even though I decided my way back then impulsively but because of his words I realized what I want to pursue and that has been the best decision ever I made.”

“To begin with…I was a bit apprehensive about mathematics. However it was Supriyo sir who came in and helped me out. He is the one who not only helps you understand mathematics, but also makes you fall in love with it. It is a privilege to be able to learn about such a beautiful subjects from Sir. The clear understanding that Sir instills in a student is something that will not only help you clear immediate doubts, but also help you as long as you remain associated with mathematics. I am grateful to sir for his guidance in my academic life.”

Madhurya Mozumder

SRMIST, B.TECH., CSE, 2019-2023

Sayantan Ghosh


“If you are having any troubles in Calculus, then this is the man for you. A genius in his field who helps you in understanding & solving the toughest of equations in the easiest way. I was always average in mathematics but this man really helped me to pull up my grades in higher secondary. Supriyo Sir really justifies the qualities of a teacher – Friend, Philosopher & Guide.”

“Sir makes the subject that he teaches super interesting by his lucid explanations and with the ability to reach each and every students’ strata of understanding!”

Dr. Abhishek Sarkar


Ankita Mondal


“Supriyo Sir is one of the best teachers that I have ever come across. He understands the problems of the student and solves them very efficiently. And above all he is a genuine person.”

“Supriyo sir is very talented and understand students very well.. His way of teaching mathematics is very different from others and easy to understand for a student.. he gives importance to each student with patience.. And I was fortunate enough to be his student.”

Sharbani Sharma


Pushpanjali Bharti


Supriyo Sir is the best teacher I have ever met in my life. He made me fall in love with mathematics and see the beauty that lies within each topic. He teaches each topic in such a way that any student who doesn’t have the slightest knowledge of the topic would find it interesting and would want to learn more. And the most important thing was he never used to skip anything just because it was easy cuz he knew all those small topics would actually matter in scoring good marks.
Let alone his achievements as a teacher he is such a great human being who will always give you life lessons and will teach you how your marks doesn’t matter in the long run and what actually matters is how happy you are with your life and profession. He never used to pressurize us for anything. After listening to his outlook towards life we really used to get relieved from the parental and societal pressure of “IF YOU DON’T CRACK JEE YOUR LIFE IS A WASTE”.
What really inspire us and make us believe his words is he himself is following his passion of music apart from his job to get the satisfaction in his life and he actually teaches us for our bright future and make us see our own good and does not take his Profession as some money making business.

Maths was one of my favourite subject since childhood. The love for the subject was increased when I came across Supriyo Sir. He was my maths teacher in class 11-12. The effect he has in my life is more than that of a teacher. He is a mentor, motivator, an idol and a great human being. He used to constantly motivate me in my studies. He is a very good teacher and a great motivator. I would highly recommend him to students.

Amlan Gain

B. TECH, EEE, BIT MESRA, 2018-22

Reya Sadhu


Supriyo sir is not just an excellent maths teacher, but an extraordinary motivator as well. I never thought I would even crack JEE Mains before I met him. But on the very first day, his one hour talk was efficient enough to motivate every student present. In just one year, my grip on the subject increased enormously by his unique and lucid teaching techniques. He doesn’t just give lectures, he has a very subtle way of presenting complicated concepts in an easy and smooth manner. His availability and commitment for his students is another of his best traits. I feel so privileged for getting a chance to be taught by him and I believe anyone under his guidance would make a great success.

A teacher is someone who not only teaches the subject but also helps you grow interest in the subject. Supriyo Sir is a living example of such a teacher. He taught us mathematics when we were in class 7. Honestly, I was his student for a short time but the impression that he left on me during those few months still remains. I wasn’t very interested in mathematics initially but he taught us in such a beautiful and simple way that I can’t help but give him the credits for my interest in mathematics now. I must mention this , he would not only teach us a particular method for a sum but also encourage us to think of different ways to solve that. I remember he also encouraged us to participate in different extra curricular activities like music, creative writing etc. He’s friendly and I was never scared to approach him with a problem. He’s a great guide. A student definitely needs a teacher like him. His methods of teaching were so student friendly that it was very easy for me to grasp the concepts. It has been many years since I’ve seen him but I still talk of him at my home. My mother also remembers him. He’s definitely one of my favourite teachers till date. Sir is excellent.

Sreshtha Ganguly


Rishabh Verma

IEM-UEM B.TECH CSE (2017-2021)

Supriyo Sir has always been an inspiration, be it in my academic career or my personal life. I was his student only for one year though but the constant support, teachings that he gave me, I will cherish those forever.
He is the Best Mathematics Teacher I’ve ever came across.
Though I wasn’t good at Mathematics but the way he teaches Maths, I am sure you’ll love it.
I would always want more and more students to stay in touch, get his guidance and do good in life.

I remember having a nervous breakdown during my JEE preparations and Supriyo Sir had a one to one conversation with me. His words of advice has always helped me. He is an amazing teacher and more than that he personally helps students to do better. I am glad I was his student. There’s a lot to learn from him.

Debankita Basu


Hardik Nagar


Getting concepts right from the very basics is a thing which is highly required in mathematics. To understand the concepts, a certain level of understanding and dedication towards the subject is highly important. In mathematical terms, concept clarity is exponentially proportional to interest in the subject. And who else can bring that interest except for a teacher whose life itself is a great example, along with the spectacular explanations to each and every problem. Supriyo Sir is the kind of teacher mentioned here. He is the one why I still love doing maths problems. He a huge part of whatever I am now.

Perhaps the best Mathematics teacher till date, rightly termed as the ‘Professor’. I won’t mention here explicitly but back in my high school time period, I joined an Institution where I later realized money was the real priority other than education. It was a business house. I was introduced to sir there for the first time. He was perhaps the only reason that i continued my classes there,my only respite at that butcher house. Not only an ingenious mathematician, but also an mesmerizing guitarist and singer, Sir has found the much undiscovered golden gems of philosophy and stoicism in life, which he is always eager to share with us. His seriousness and Party lovin nature gives rise to a harmonious blend of talent and quality for which there is hard to find a parallel one…

Sreyan Mukherjee