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My Experience And Philosophy


Learning and teaching have been my passion right from school days. I started teaching since 2005, the year I passed out of school, mainly because of financial requirement, but the keen interest in Mathematics forced me to develop my content, teaching skills, and carefully analyze every target examination for the students to be able to give their best.

From 2005 to 2013, I had worked in about eight leading schools in India as a Mathematics Instructor for High School students, and then I joined FIITJEE Ltd. to coach students for JEE. I also stayed in Kota for some time to teach and study the coaching pattern there, and later went on to work in Pathfinder as Deputy Head, Mathematics. Presently, I’m busy developing my own Institute of Mathematics, and coaching students for GATE, JEE, Olympiads, KVPY, Boards, CAT, SAT, GRE and various other competitive and entrance examinations.

With an experience of over 15 years in teaching Mathematics, and innumerable success stories under my sleeve, I am known among my students as ‘The Professor’, also a stage name I take while performing with my band. A combination of Mathematics and Music has helped me find my true calling. The problem students face while learning Mathematics, is not with the content, but with the delivery. I believe I have devised a mix of certain effective techniques that help my pupils quickly gather the underlying ideas and start implementing them immediately to solve problems.

Over the years, I have realized a growing need of instructors in Mathematics, specially in the field of JEE coaching, who can make the subject enjoyable to students, rather than infuse in them an ineffective method of cramming content and memorizing formulae mindlessly.

I have learned that the potential to be a good teacher gets lost amidst the crowd of money mongering coaching institutes. It is time, that confident, knowledgeable, and successful teachers come out of their inhibitions, and establish themselves as sole mentors of incredibly brilliant children, many of who are simply trapped within the fake routine imposed upon by academic institutions, that usually have no holistic fruitful outcome.

I have uncovered a simple fact about cracking any examination. Apart from studying for the exam, it is necessary to study the exam itself, understand the pattern of questions, the range of the syllabus, solve relevant problems, and completely avoid irrelevant material, that doesn’t push one towards his/her ultimate goal. And I have created a personalized approach which is constantly being updated about how to teach effectively. Moreover, conceptual grasp holds more importance than cheap parlor ‘tricks’ that are being spread in the name of mathematical studies.

With a collection of countless questions relevant to JEE and GATE Mathematics (including but not limited to JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, WBJEE, KVPY, any engineering competitive examination, and obviously, Boards) which I have accumulated as well as created over the years, I have handpicked questions and am constantly in an endeavor to upgrade my personal material, which I use while teaching. I teach in small groups of 15-20 students over online medium, as well as offline. I provide classes of 3-3.5 hours per week. The number of students in a group is limited to 20 in order to maintain the sessions closely personalized. I teach students studying in classes IX,X, XI, XII, and repeaters, who are engineering aspirants, as well as KVPY, Olympiads, and GATE aspirants. The primary target examination is JEE Advanced, which automatically takes care of JEE Main, WBJEE and the others.

Sitting with books for 12+ hours a day is an effective study pattern ONLY IF THE STUDENT DOES SO OUT OF PERSONAL INTEREST. Different people have different capacity. It is necessary for everyone to realize this, and accordingly customize their study patterns for the most effective output. Solving 100 problems a day without understanding concepts, is useless. Understanding every theory under the sun, yet unable to quickly solve problems under pressure, is useless again. Striking the right balance requires an experienced mentor, and that is the role that I have taken up in my students’ lives.

For The Student


An academic career is developed out of determination, discipline and dedication.

There are innumerable students out there, guided by various coaching institutes or teachers for engineering entrances, but almost nobody reveals the truth; engineering is not for everybody. Just like music, photography, accounts, philosophy or any subject as such, is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Because any type of study requires thorough practice and research to even begin to approach towards an expertise. A mere ‘exam cracking’ approach with no deep learning of the concepts won’t help.

Every year, we see advertisements ornamented by shining stars of institutes, the ‘toppers’ with excellent results and excellent marks. But what about the other 20 or 30 students in the batch of that topper? What is the overall result of every batch, every student? The ‘average’ or ‘lower order’ student, as they call it, where do they stand after one to two to four years of preparation? None speaks of them.

In my 14+ years of teaching experience, the one thing I have learned is, either a student is self-sufficient, or s/he requires a little bit of personal attention, which isn’t aptly experienced while being in a batch of 60+ students. While the good ones keep getting better, the ones who lack motivation, keep worrying about how to fare well in tests, and eventually often develop an insecurity as they begin to believe that engineering, in fact science, is not for them. Because engineering is not for everybody, apparently.

All you need to realize, is that if you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail. You can go to the best institutes or the best teachers, but unless you strategically plan your surgical strike, you won’t be able to find success. And the day you realize the method, the open secret, you will have fun while solving problems, and gain confidence.

Rely on yourself, not others. Study hard, study smart. Plan your preparation. Break down the huge syllabus into small chunks and attack them timely. Concentrate more on self study than on tuitions on subjects that you don’t really require, like languages and computers. Always remember, every expert was once a beginner.

Having been belting out a lot of the best results from Kolkata in JEE Advanced, JEE Main and WBJEE on and off since 2010, the one thing I have realized is, flashy advertisements are meaningless. It’s all in the amount of dedication you are willing to put in to crack any exam. If you are disinterested in Science, stop pursuing it. But if you really have that tenacity but are not really satisfied with your institute and/or your teachers, you are welcome to prepare under my guidance.

Because I’m looking for serious, hard working students, who really dream of NITs and IITs and nothing less, and who are ready to leave no stone unturned to reach that destination. With comprehensive techniques to solve questions that range from Boards to JEE Advanced, I’ve developed content and a way to guide students which is not only foolproof, but if followed exactly as told, is bound to bring about success in any examination.

Are you one of them, yet not being able to reach your zenith, your fullest potential? Let me know then.

All the best for your bright future!

Let Me Help You Approach Science And Mathematics - Ace Every Test You Sit For.


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